Aylin Karadayi

The goal of an integrated Yoga practice is to develop a narrative thread, which guides us into our potential. We engage with ourselves first, in order to become truly social. The practice becomes a metaphor and eventually gives rise to new insights, which will inevitably reform and transform us personally and communally. In my opinion we need to take responsibility for ourselves in a kind, loving, reflective and honest way. Only by looking at our shortcomings we can overcome hindering propensities and evolve new learnings and therefore grow our potential as humans.

I teach Hatha Yoga, which has been enriched through the teachings of Katonah Yoga® (www.katonahyoga.com), join the community and find all certified Katonah Yoga® teachers here.

My classes are always characterized by a gentle approach towards the spirit by the use of imagination and metaphors. On the other hand I emphasize an accurate attuning of the body by proper adjustments and through the integration of the theory.

  • Certified 200h Katonah Yoga® Nevine Michaan
  • Certified 200h Anusara with Chris Chavez
  • Certified 2ooh Vinyasa Krama with Rae Indigo 100h further trainings with Rae Indigo
  • Certified Integrativ Health Coach
  • Certified by 1 Giant Mind Meditation teacher Jonni Pollard

Other teachers to whom I owe gratitude are Abbie Galvin, Elena Brower, Dages Juvelier Keates, Jonni Pollard.

I am from Zurich, born and schooled there. I partially have oriental roots which have influenced me in many ways. My path led me through cultural sciences studies, event management activities, music, Yoga, my former plant based food business AYLA REAL FOOD, holistic health coachings and eventually to AYLA REAL HEALTH. A disease I was faced with a few years ago provoked my total awareness of the importance of my own health and since then I have vowed, with all my heart and love to help others to live a life with more self awareness.

Besides my job I love practicing Yoga, studying, cooking, listening to music, spending time with my partner, family, my dog Aki and friends. As I want to do something meaningful in order to make a modest contribution to my surrounding, I have chosen to travel this path.

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