Posted by Pascal Yogaelements
Last update: 2020-01-12 11:36:33

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Wednesday • 19:45:00 - 21:15:00
located at YOGA-ELEMENTS (Feldmeilen)
organised by Pascal Yogaelements (YOGA-ELEMENTS)

About the event

Pranayama/Meditation block followed by Vinyasa Flow. Vinyasa is a type of yoga that links movement and breath to attain balance in the mind and body. Vinyasa aligns a deliberate sequence of poses with the breath to achieve a continuous flow. Inhalation is usually connected to upward, open movements, while exhalation is often tied to downward movements or twists.Another focus of this class will be core strength, balance and flexibility. Perfect for beginners & advancing yogis (all levels).