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Sat Nam Rasayan healer program

The Healer Program

During recent years, Guru Dev Singh has trained a Group of instructors around the world. This Group supports him by spreading the teachings. The education of the Sat Nam Rasayan healer lasts three years and is divided into Level 1 (1 year) and Level 2 (2 years). Each level can be finished with a certificate.

In Level 1, you learn to remain stable in the Sat Nam Rasayan state and to resolve simple tensions in the Patient. Level 2 offers the participants many opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual development. Many Tools for Deep healing Treatments are taught here. To learn Sat Nam Rasayan, no Special abilities or previous experience are required. The Beauty of this System is that it is open to everyone.

Healing from the view of Sat Nam Rasayan

In Sat Nam Rasayan, sickness is described as „a tendency of the Body to react“. The reaction can be a pain, an emotional Problem or a serious illness. In the Course of the education, the Sat Nam Rasayan healer develops the ability to find and dissolve These blockages, thus the self-healing powers of the body can become effective again.

Also for Yoga Teachers

As a yoga teacher, you have the Deep wish to support the personal growth of students in the best possible way. But how does one choose the Fitting exercise for this precise Moment? And how can it be possible to support the students´growth only though your presence? In SNR, we treat the Group like a single Person. You learn to move your awareness to find and resolve the blocks in the Group and use targeted yoga exercises. We use the same rules as in the therapeutic work.

Twelve seminar days on weekends

06.10.2019 with Siri Nam // 17.11.2019 with Siri Nam

19.01.2020 with Kathrin // 09.02.2020 with Siri Nam

14 & 15.03.2020 with Ambrosio // 04 & 05.04.2020 with Kathrin

17.05.2020 with Kathrin // 27 & 28.06.2020 with Siri Nam

06.09.2020 with Kathrin

Download our flyer (in German)

Practical details

– Teachers: Kathrin, Siri Ram & Ambrosio

– Languages: German & English (depending on the audience)

– Price: CHF 1.560,- for 12 sessions

– Topics: Die Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit, Der neutrale Bewußtseinszustand, Der „spürenden Raum“, Die Sinnesempfindungen, Das Objekt der Aufmerksamkeit

– Wenn Du die “Sat Nam Rasayan – Stufe 1” Ausbildung mit dem Zertifikat abschließen willst, gibt es zwei weitere Schritte: Du sollst noch zwei Seminare mit Guru Dev Singh (Meister von Sat Nam Rasayan und/oder seinem Team) besuchen. Die Seminare werden in Madrid, Moskau, Hamburg, Paris, Rome oder Düsseldorf organisiert. Das ist empfohlen und ist nicht obligatorisch.

Sonstiges: Übernachtungs- und Verpflegungskosten sind nicht enthalten. Falls Sie eine Ratenzahlung benötigen, bitte kommen Sie schnellestmöglichst auf uns zu. Alle Seminartage in Zürich zu besuchen (1 Seminartag kann man verpassen oder nächstes Jahr nachholen).


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