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Craniosacral therapy

What is Craniosacral therapy?

Craniosacral therapy addresses mainly the Craniosacral System of the body, along with the Autonomic Nervous System, the Musculoskeletal system, the metabolism of the individual and all other fluid structures like blood and lymphatic circulation. Craniosacral therapy is beneficial to the entire body and supports a range of disorders and restoring homeostasis of the nervous system.

In the absence of a problem, a Craniosacral therapy session is experienced as deeply relaxing and meditative, it rejuvenates the system, like taking a tonic to boost overall health.

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Practical details

Each session will be charged depending on its duration. Usually one session lasts 60 – 75 min (sometimes the first sessions due to anamnese (evaluation) may last up to 90 Min). A craniosacral session for babies and children may last even less than 1 hour. Treatment of adults, children and babies cost from CHF 120,- per hour. The session can be done at the patient’s. Extra charges for transport will need to be considered.

Cancelation of the appointment: if a confirmed sessions is canceled or moved with at least 24 hours notice, there will not be any charges. Any “last minute” cancellation will be charged CHF 80,-.

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Reimbursement by medical insurances

If you have an alternative (additional) medical insurance, CST sessions are partially reimbursed by major medical insurance companies in Switzerland. Please check in advance directly with your insurance the level of coverage (50-90% of the total amount, as well as the annual budget for CST sessions).

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Google reviews about Nadezda

15-06-2019 – “I have had craniosacral therapy sessions with Nadezda on a regular basis for over one year which helped me a lot in the recovery from a severe bike accident and resulting problems with my knees and jaw. Nadezda is a very professional, kind and sensitive therapist who was able to guide me into a pleasant, deeply relaxed and receptive state for recreation as well as (self-)healing in every single session. I often drifted just on the edge of sleep state but was still aware of the great amounts of energy moving through my body.

I loved working with Nadezda and the insights I got about my personal healing process through discussing the results of the sessions with her. I can highly recommend Nadezda as a therapist for this beautiful healing modality.”

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