About us

At Aloka Temple we assist organisations in the field of therapy and well-being with tailor-made marketing and communication solutions in Switzerland. With over 5 years' experience in this specific segment for businesses and freelancers accross the whole country, we understand the outstanding challenges of this industry.

Website creation

Our team creates websites for all kind of business, whether if it is a business card website or a solid portal including an online booking system. The creation process consists of:

  • A solid analysis of the business needs and objectives
  • An extensive screening of the organisations' activity and its specificities
  • The creation of complete marketing and technical briefing
  • The design & production phase
  • Leading relevant stakeholders through the tool thanks to dedicated training

Content management, including translations

In order to have a increase SEO visibility, meaning a premium position on search engines thanks to "free advertising", organisations need to produce digital friendly texts matching with basic Google requirments. For example, every solid piece of content should contain at least 300 words. Depending on the situation, our team offers the following services:

  • Content strategy and timing
  • SEO analysis and deifinition of keywords
  • Creation of appropriate texts in German, French and/or English (copywriting)
  • Content translations in German, French and/or English

Social media management

If you want to get a fair return on investment from social media channels, it is crucial to work with relevant content and share it on a regular basis (in general, 3 times a week). And you are also meant to put it place a proper community management in 2, 3 or even 4 languages. To fullfil this assignment, our team can offer the assistance of specialists who will create content, distribute it and make the relevant follow-up on a daily basis.

Search engine optimization

Have you ever wished to have a premium position in the result list of your preferred Google search? In order to get to that point, your website needs to be follow SEO guidelines set by Google. Rules are clearly defined: keywords, word count, relevancy, pictures, meta tags... These rules get more and more specific and website administrators have to review their website structure on a regular basis. We follow these trends and our team can provide you with relevant consultancy.

Flyers, brochures and collaterals

The world gets even more digital with responsive websites and apps. However, you may want to distribute flyers or brochure in your premises or during existing events. We have multilingual design specialists who can provide your with the relevant flyers in few days (from the design work until the physical production of the print elements).

Event material and merchandising

You are planning an event and you don't know where to start? Our team can help you putting together all the event material and collaterals: giveaways, roll-up, wall, flyers, email or print invitations, registration/contact forms or contests.


Why should you organise professional photo sessions and have your own pictures for your business? On one hand, you will show your audience that you care about your image and about the customer experience. On the other hand, you will have picture at your disposal that are not spread randomly over the internet. It is so annoying to see the same picture 10 times on the same day on 10 different platforms.

Strategy and project management

When businesses want to launch or re-launch their brand, a project has to be launched. Our team has experience in (re)launching brands, websites and communication campaigns in different fields including the therapy and well-being industry. A consequent project together with an external agency needs to have a clear briefing and validation loop, as well as feedback meeting during the roll-out on a regular basis.

The work will be completed under the management of our Aloka temple team, with in-house production flows and the support of preferred externals partners.
If you would like to get specific assistance and consultancy, feel free to contact us.